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Toll Free 1 (800) 800-6048
Phone (231) 946-4447

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CLSTech Connect Security

Secure Access

CLS Tech Connect limits the access to all its utilities through logins and passwords. Administrators can elect different access privileges and IP ranges for each operator. Passwords are stored encrypted and do not travel across the internet.

Secure Data Transfer

CLS Tech Connect ensures total security by encoding data before transfer using the user’s password. CLS Tech Connect uses strict security algorithms and offers an optional added security level for especially sensitive cases. During remote control sessions, packets are sent and received via a TCP connection. Using the Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm, packets are encoded before sending and when the session finishes no data remains.

Secure Data Storage

The data is also stored in the database in a coded form. Rapid decoding allows for instant retrieval when an administrator needs to consult the session data.