Pro Filer - For Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys

Electronic Case File Management

Pro Filer is an advanced case file management system that enables scanned images, word processor documents, spread-sheets, audio, video and other files to be merged into a single case file menu.


Pro Filer is integrated with both the Adult Case Tracking (ACT) and the Juvenile Case Tracking (JCT) systems, written by PACC/PAAM, providing a powerful electronic case file management system for Prosecuting Attorney Offices throughout the State of Michigan.


Pro Filer offers multi-layer security and access at the index and folder levels. Other users may have edit capability, view-only, or be locked out entirely.

Paper On-Demand

Pro Filer allows for true paperless record storage and retrieval, with all forms of hard copies (including photos, paper documents, reports and more) scanned or loaded and attached to a case file. All hard copies can be stored off-site, and can be reprinted on an as-needed basis.


Pro Filer permits annotations on a document. Redacting (blacking out) sensitive information on a case document, such as social security numbers, names, phone numbers, etc. It also allows highlights, comments and electronic "sticky notes" for further clarification or instruction and many other types of annotations.

More Benefits

  • Access to case documents even if ACT or JCT become unavailable

  • Batch Scanning

  • Emailing

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • And many more...
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